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Uses new widget (GWCLM). No js required.
Loaded by src of iframe directly on page load

Call structure:
/it/Widgets/GWCLM/{UMN}/{VARIANTS} : Used for all countries bar Region countries
/it/Widgets/GWCLMRegion/{UMN}/{VARIANTS} : Used for Germanic and MiddleEast Region widgets
Variants are passed if required by using a pipe delimiter |. Variants is an optional variable.

To use
Place your iframe anywhere on your page where you want the widget to load.
Set the src of the iframe to the desired call using structure above

eg. With variants

eg. Without variants

iFrame resizer
The iFrame used to display the widget will need to resize automatically when using mobile devices. The widget is internally resized. To make sure the iFrame gets resized is to include the following:
1. iframeresizer.js file - Include this in the footer of your page where the iFrame will sit.
2. Add the following script below this line, where the id of your iframe matches the id in the script line:
iFrameResize({ log: true }, '#iframeId')